Rear Seat Belts Mod Part 3

When I first wrote about my rear seat belt modifications, I initially planned to mount the inertia reel below the floor, and then cut a slot in the floor to route the belt up to the shoulder anchor point. However, the more I thought about it, the more I leaned towards a simpler install, and so I selected a location on the beltframe behind the seat, just above the luggage floor. It gets neatly tucked into the corner to minimize the amount it sticks out. To mount the reel here, I designed a corner bracket, which is made from 0.08″ aluminum (same as the hat section for the shoulder anchor). My CAD model grew to include more of the belt frame, so that I could both design the parts and then verify their strength.

CAD model of the rear fuselage structure

After completing fabricating the parts last week, I installed the new seat belt shoulder anchor as well as the inertia reel bracket, completing the starboard side. I need to install the same parts to the port side.

Shoulder anchor and reinforcements riveted into place
Another view, showing the hat section attachment to the belt frame with added stiffeners
Inertia reel brackets, with 7/16″-20 class 8 bolts
Bracket for the inertia reel installed
Seat belt components bolted on
Seat belt arrangement with the seat bench in place
With the seat folded, the belt stays out of the way as intended

One other change I incorporated was to move the outside lap belt anchor forward, to have it better line up with the forward location of the rear seat.

Seat belt anchor reinforcement plate before
Seat belt anchor reinforcement plate after

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