This page documents the specialty aircraft tools and techniques that I used in the construction of my Sling 4.

ToolWhere UsedBuy Link
Astro Pneumatic Rivnut Drill AdapterInstall rivet nuts throughout the airframe
Noga Rotodrive CountersinkDeburring drilled holes
Milwaukee M12 Rivet GunPull rivets throughout the airframe
Dymo Rhino 4200 Label MakerWiring - you can find inexpensive heat-shrink labels for this series of label makers
Tubing benderWings (fuel vents)
IWISS HDT-48-00 terminal crimping tool(optional) for using Deutsch DT-series sealed electrical connectors instead of junky spade terminals
Cleveland Close Quarters Rivet pulling wedgeHelps pull 3.2mm rivets in tight places, like wing ribs
Ridgid 377 pipe flaring toolForms the flares on tubes used for compression fittings for fuel & pneumatic lines
Avery 1/8" vise grip dimplerFuselage skinsAircraft Spruce
RG400 Crimp ToolAntenna cablesAmazon