Wire Harness Mod for Fuel Pumps

(March 4, 2023) Just sharing a quick blurb about an easy change to the Rotax wire harness that makes it easier to connect the fuel pumps. The as-built wire harness on the engine isn’t quite long enough to reach one of the two fuel pumps, due to the orientation of fuel pump assembly when mounted to the firewall. But luckily there is an easy fix that doesn’t require any cutting of wires.

Simply cut open the wire wrap tape a few inches from the end of the harness bundle, back to the point where fuel pump wire pair has a small loop (about six inches). Now the fuel pump wire pair can be routed in the opposite direction, away from the other fuel pump connector. Then, simply re-wrap the harness with new tape. I used Tesa type 51036 heat-resistant tape.

The fuel pump connectors are normally right next to each other and same length, but cannot reach one of the fuel pumps with the way the fuel pump assembly is mounted
Use a fabric seam ripper tool to cut the harness wrap tape without damaging the wires
Only about 6 inches of tape needs to be removed to reach the spot where the fuel pump wire is looped
After re-wrapping, both fuel pumps can now be connected

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