Radiator Mounting

(March 11, 2023) I wanted to cut the coolant hoses to the proper length, so I decided to first attach the radiators to the lower engine cowling and then temporarily attach the cowling. The oil cooler fit no problem, but the water radiator required some grinding away of material. Unfortunately I ground away a little bit too much material and poked through to the outside, which I will now have to repair 😠

The radiators are held in place with simple clasps, and I’m glad to report they went in just right the first time – they align properly, and the tension is good.

Applying gasket for the coolant radiator
I had to grind away at the thickened part of the fiberglass for better fit of the radiator, unfortunately I went too far and perforated the outer ply
View of the perforation from the outside
The circled area highlights where there was interference preventing the radiator from sitting flush, it is still a tight fit even with the removed material
Both radiators seated
Coolant hose cut to fit

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