Air Filter Install

Last night’s task was installing the air filter assembly. I had to make a few modification when fitting the two manifold absolute pressure sensors to the filter housing:

  • Removed the green o-rings from the sensors; the grommets from the kit made for a tight fit. The grommets by themselves are sufficient for sealing the sensor
  • I had to notch the edge of the upper sensor mounting tab to allow for better fit of the two sensors since they overlap slightly
  • I added spacers for the screws so that the sensors would sit level on top of the grommets
Rivnuts installed and secured with JB Weld
Green o-ring that I removed from the sensors
Area that needed to be notched due to overlap
This is why the spacers were needed, the air sensors were titled due to the height difference between the grommets and the rivnuts
All good after notching the bracket and adding spacers to the mounting screws
Air filter assembly attached to the turbo inlet

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