Canopy Install Part 2

The canopy installation took about 5 hours to complete, and it was a bit messy. I had flashbacks to building the fuel tanks, with sticky black goop (Sikaflex 295UV) going everywhere, and harsh chemicals (acetone) needed to clean up. I may have applied too much Sikaflex, because it was oozing out of rivet holes and seams in some spots. But even if I had applied the perfect amount of Sika, there was still the task of cleaning it off the clecos. And, like the fuel tank, you only have a limited about of time before the Sikaflex begins to cure. Thank goodness there is only one canopy to install. I am not looking forward to installing the Perspex windows.

I started with applying Sika 206 G+P primer to the edges of the canopy as recommended by Sika, then proceeded with applying a bead of Sikaflex to the mating edges of the fuselage skins. After that I clecod the canopy into place, and began the process of installing rivets, cleaning up excess sealant as I proceeded. I used a laminate roller (a tool from my woodworking days) to smooth out the sealant.

Canopy temporarily raised up to apply the Sika primer and Sikaflex
Sika 206 G+P primer brushed onto canopy
A lot of oozing occurred up at the top, but it gets covered by the parachute blow-off panel anyway
Oozing on the inside
Using a laminate roller to smooth out the sealant

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