Interior Side Skins Test Fit

Between work travel, vacation, and family visits, it’s been a few weeks since I was able to put in some time on the plane. One of my recent trips was to Oshkosh, but I missed the arrival of the new Sling High Wing; I’ll have to find an excuse to travel down to Florida to see Linda’s beautiful plane, N915HW.

I am just about ready to install the canopy, but before I start that task, I test fit the interior side skins (these skins will be installed after the canopy).

There are small flanges on the skins that butt up against the rear seat closeout panel. I found that these flanges sat right on top of existing rivets, so I match drilled a few holes for better fit.

Test fit of interior skin
Clamping the flange
Holes drilled to match rear seat closeout panel

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