Rear Seat Air Ducts

Switching back to the fuselage for a bit; I’m ready to install the canopy, but before I do that, I need to install the interior side skins.

My interior side skins didn’t come pre-drilled with holes for the rear-seat vents. Although I’ve heard they don’t work great, I still would rather have them. First I cut pilot holes at the desired location, which was a little bit different than what was shown in the KAI drawing. I then used a hole-cutting bit, first on the skin and then on the interior panel.

Cutting through the fiberglass
Vent louver attached

Next I sealed off the channels that form the duct from the front to the back, using Sikaflex 295 and a few pieces of foam block to seal off gaps.

Sealing off the channel to form an air duct

My kit did not include any pieces to transition from round duct to the channel, so I designed and 3D-printed a transition piece, and set it into the channel using the same Sika sealant. The transition piece goes from 2.5″ round duct to the 87x24mm channel.

Air duct transition

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