Engine Cooling Baffle Removal

Pointing at the unneeded baffle

One minor issue with my engine was that it came from the factory fitted with an optional cooling baffle. This baffle is primarily for installation in an aircraft with a pusher prop configuration, but since my plane is tractor config, I need to remove the baffle to ensure proper cooling of the cylinders. There is nothing directly securing the baffle to the engine, but rather is indirectly secured by the airbox and coolant spider hoses.

Per the Rotax Maintenance Manual – Heavy, the airbox, intake manifold, fuel rails, and coolant bottle all need to be removed to lift out the baffle. Before embarking on this task, I spoke to Dean at Lockwood Aviation in Florida, and he gave me more streamlined instructions – basically, he advised that I simply loosen and temporarily move aside the airbox & intake manifold, rather than completely remove it. I also had to disconnect a handful of sensors (EGT, cylinder temp, oil pressure) which required little more than just unplugging a connector and cutting a few zip ties. I also needed a Rotax special tool (long length ball-end T30 torx bit) for removing the intake manifold, and Lockwood kindly supplied me a loaner tool in the mail.

Following Dean’s directions, and referring to the maintenance manual for a few things, I successfully completed the task in about 5 hours.

Temporarily removing EGT probe
Removing fuel crossover rail
Airbox assembly now moved aside to gain access to baffle
Success! Baffle out
Reinstalling coolant elbows, setting screws to proper torque of 89 in-lbs

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