Propeller Arrived

My Airmaster propeller arrived! I now have all the parts needed to build up everything forward of the firewall, just need time 🙂

Thanks to COVID-related delays, including lockdowns and sea freight shipping problems, it took over a year for the prop to arrive (the normal lead time is around 4 months). But as usual I kept busy with other tasks – in this last year, I spent a lot of time developing my custom components including the flaps controller, heating system, and electronic cabin lighting.

One of the three carbon fiber blades

This weekend, I completed some miscellaneous tasks on the bottom side: installing rivnuts for inspection covers, and filling rivet heads with spackling. After flipping the wing back up, I completed installing the SB0014 rivets. Next I will build and install the flap, aileron, wing tip, and then this wing will be done.

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