Firewall Forward Kit Arrival

Last week I received the custom firewall kit I ordered to install the 915iS on my Sling 4. Shipping took a long time – almost 5 months – but I’ve read it’s a widespread issue in sea container shipping right now.

Everything in the kit arrived just fine. I have a few pictures below comparing the new engine cowling with the old cowling I already had. Unfortunately I already paid for and received a cowling to go with the 914 engine. Although they look similar, the cowling for the 915iS engine has additional cooling openings, and is slightly longer. I decided it was going to be too much effort to modify my existing Sling 4 cowling, and instead just ordered a Sling TSi cowling.

The TSi cowling was improved in a few ways. Camloc fasteners are now used for attachment, and the split between the upper and lower was reshaped to allow better access to engine accessories when just the top cowling is removed. The lower cowling is a pain to remove since the oil and water coolers are attached to the lower cowling, so anything that simplifies maintenance is appreciated.

This week I’m in Wisconsin for Airventure 2021 with Craig Maiman, expect a lot of pictures from the show in upcoming posts!

The usual crate
Neatly packed inside
Lots of hoses and clamps
Comparison of the lower Sling TSi cowling (left) with the Sling 4 cowling (right)
Upper cowlings mostly the same, TSi on the left again

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