Aileron Trim Kit

Electric aileron trim kit

It’s been a little bit since I posted, but there are a few exciting developments to share. First, I got word that my firewall forward kit arrived in Torrance CA last week and is on its way to me! This is the long-awaiting custom kit that will allow me to mount the 915iS engine on my Sling 4. I’m very much looking forward to starting this work.

Second, I got a little kit from Van’s Aircraft, it’s an aileron trim kit that will allow my to trim-out any drift in the roll axis. The Sling kit includes electric trim for the elevator, but not aileron. Having flown a C172 for many years that had a tendency to roll in level flight, I knew I’d want a way to trim the aileron. This will also help the autopilot servo from having to constantly work to correct for drift when the AP is engaged.

The Vans kit is made for the RV-10 but it looked like I should be able to use it in my plane almost as-is. It includes a small Ray Allen linear servo and a set of opposing springs that attach to the pushrod in the wing; depending on the servo position, it will put a slight bias on the tube, correcting for uneven force due to aileron alignment or wind conditions.

Speaking of avionics, I’ve been quietly working on my custom components as well. The electronic flaps controller is working extremely well, as is the overhead lighting console. I’ve spent time evolving both designs for manufacturability, as I intend to make copies available for sale. I found myself an unsuspecting victim of the worldwide chip shortage; because I designed around automotive grade components, I ran into the same stock shortages affecting major car makers. I’ve been able to work around most of the problems, and other parts are supposed to start flowing later this year.

Testing the latest updates to the flaps controller

My last bit of news for this update, I’ll be heading to Oshkosh again this year, this time with my friend and fellow Sling owner Craig. I last went in 2018 and I’m really looking forward to returning after a 2 year hiatus! This time I’m planning to attend a bunch of seminars, largely related to build tasks ahead of me (engine & avionics), as well as flight test.

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