Custom Overhead Console

I’ve created yet another custom piece of cabin tech, this time it’s an overhead light console. The panel has a dome light, swivel adjustable map lights, and red ambient light projectors. I used RGBW LEDs to allow the lights to be set to any color and brightness, adjusted using the knobs.

This console has an expansion connector so that it can also drive additional lights over the seats, which will use the same RGBW LEDs. My goal was to be able to create lighting “moods” in the cabin, and it will able be controllable from this panel.

Render of Overhead Console

I designed the console to attach to the ceiling at the front edge of the canopy. I think this is a better place to put the map lights compared to the default location provided, which is just over and slightly behind the pilot / copilot, about midway back on the ceiling.

I printed a fit check model to ensure it matches the curvature of the ceiling, and it looks like I was successful. Since the fit looks good, I’ve sent the circuit board design off for fabrication, and will begin making the functional parts (including lenses).

.Fit check model of the Overhead Console
View looking back into the cabin

Meanwhile, I’ve also made good progress with the flaps controller. I am building up three prototypes for testing. Serial number 1 is assembled and I’m pleased to report it functions well. I’ve already had it hooked up to my flaps motor and it works as expected. I’m working on the software interface right now, and developing some test fixtures to ensure the design meets its requirements.

Flaps controller circuit card for serial number 1
Creating the backlit fascia
Serial numbers 2 & 3 in production


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