Sika Supplies

The next big step is to attach the canopy to the fuselage. For that task, I needed some supplies to seal the canopy. The factory recommends products made by Sika, which are a bit hard to find here in the US. I found that they are carried by some marine supply shops, and indeed I found one near me on Long Island, NY, called Defender Industries. These chemicals have to be shipped ground, but since Long Island is so close to me, even ground shipments arrive next day. All in, this stuff cost me $215 with shipping.

  • Sika Aktivator 205
  • Sika Primer 206 G+P
  • Sika Primer 209D
  • Sikaflex 295 UV Adhesive / Sealant

These items have a pretty short shelf life. Of the items I received above, the one that’s going to expire the soonest is the 206 G+P Primer, which was stamped as good through end of 1/2021. The clock is ticking!

I’m very pleased with Defender. I ordered the items on Friday morning. They shipped the order the same day, and I received it on the next business day, which was Monday. Everything was very well packaged – each item was wrapped in plastic bags as shown in the photo, and then packed into a box with plenty of protection.

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