Attaching Right Main Tire

Continuing with the installation of the landing gear. To install the wheel, the brake assembly needs to be partially disassembled. Unfortunately I discovered that one of the brake pads was cracked and will have to be replaced. Spruce sells a Matco brake relining kit and a tool to squeeze the rivets, each about $37… I guess I’ll just do that, rather than request a whole new wheel assembly from TAF. I’ll have to replace the brake pads eventually, so I’d need this tool anyway.

Like the nose wheel, I powder coated the wheel spat brackets, and then installed stainless M5 rivnuts, secured with JB Weld, rather than using the supplied coated steel rivnuts and Loctite 277.

Main wheel spat brackets

The hole pattern in the spat bracket didn’t line up with the holes in the composite leg. The holes were drilled 1/4” for the AN4 hardware that’s used. My solution was to upsize the holes in the spat bracket to 9/32”, that worked.

Not fitting, and there’s no wiggle room
Holes upsized to 9/32”, now I could slide the bracket onto the bolts
Wheel axle and brake assembly
Wheel and spat cover attached
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