Nose Gear Assembly

I assembled the fork and wheel for the nose gear. The parts went together easily.

Undercarriage kit bits
First step is building up the nose spring which is sandwiched between a few thrust bearings, which I coated liberally with grease

I had to clean up the threads on the top of the gear leg, I was not able to get an AN4 bolt to thread in smoothly, and didn’t want to chew out the threads on the screw. I used a 1/4-28 tap, after which the screw threaded nicely.

Cleaning up the threads on the top of the fork leg
All tightened down, and the spring moves smoothly
Next step was attaching the fork to the leg, just 4 bolts
Wheel parts, not too different than a lawn tractor wheel
Assembled nose wheel

EDIT 7/29: A got a tip from Rodney (see comments below) that I didn’t route the valve stem correctly. He has a post on his blog that shows the right way. I’ll correct my nose wheel when I return from vacation!


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