Misc Rear Fuselage Tasks

While I wait for replacement rivets for the side skins, I worked on a few miscellaneous tasks.

  • Finished assembly of one of the front seats
  • Installed rivets into rear fuselage skins – I purposely left it cleco’d in a ready-to-close state in case I thought of any last-minute changes needed, but a month has passed and so I decided it’s time
  • Riveted down the comm antenna mount on top of the fuselage

I installed stainless steel M4 rivnuts for the comm antenna plate, rather than the coated steel rivnuts that are more commonly used throughout the plane. In addition to being a little stronger, I figured the extra corrosion resistance would be beneficial in this location. I was only able to install 2 of the 4 rivnuts because the forward locations were too close to the ceiling in my garage! I’ll need to come back to install them once the aircraft is on wheels.

Comm antenna plate secured

Some of the holes didn’t line up very well between the skin and rib 6 on the rear fuselage, and so I had to slot the holes somewhat when I was initially fitting the skins. I decided to upsize some of the holes to 4.0mm to make it less slotted, which is what I think others have done too.

The holes just above and below the cleco had to be slotted to line up with the holes on rib 6
After drilling to 4mm, the hole is less slotted

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