Front Seat Assembly

During the week I assembled the front seats. These go together pretty easily. There were some improvements made to the design, so the parts I had were a little bit different than what is shown in the KAI – for example, the channels on the left, right and bottom edges are much thicker, and the hinge attaches to the bottom of the seat back instead of the front.

The seat backs are mostly covered by upholstery, with the exception of the seat back support angles and the seat pan tray. Since these parts are visible in the cabin, I decided to powder-coat them. For smaller parts, I’ve been used a retired toaster oven. The seat pan trays were a bit bigger, so I had to use a full-size oven. I waited for a nice day where I could open the windows in the house, to make sure any fumes would be blown outside. Luckily, we had some lovely weather this past weekend!

Preparing the seat back support angles for power coat
Going into the oven to bake
Riveting together the seat back
Seat pan before
Seat pan fresh out of the oven
Seat back riveted onto the seat pan
Test fitting the upholstery – looks nice!

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