ELT Install

I ordered an Artex 345 ELT in December and received it in January, so I figured it was time to install it. It’s a pretty straightforward install, attached with just 4 bolts to a floor rib.

Though there were several holes already in the rib (for autopilot bracket), they weren’t a great fit, so I drilled new ones
Test fit of the tray
The ELT didn’t come with lock washers, so I added my own. I also had to use smaller flat washers than the included ones because the new holes I drilled were close to the flanged edges of the lightening holes
ELT mounted

For the electrical, I ran a shielded 3-conductor wire out to the ELT as suggested in the Artex manual. I connected the wire shield to a pigtail and into the ground pin of the 15-pin connector.

The connector is the same as those used on the auto pilot servos, but not quite the same – instead of crimp-style pins, this connector uses solder lugs. The backshell is also less substantial than what Garmin provides.

Building the connector, with fusion tape under the strain relief
Remote buzzer mounted on the neighboring rib

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