Center Console Audio Jack Modifications

After getting the main wiring harness squared away, I turned my attention to the audio wiring harness, which carries the headset audio out to the center console. I had a general idea in mind of how I wanted to wire the jacks, but since I’m trying to finish off wiring now, I decided I needed to turn attention to the center console.

There are two details of the standard kit audio connections I don’t like: 1. Placement of the jacks for the front seat inside the center console, sticking straight up, and 2. Placement of the rear passenger seat connections on a rib behind the rear seat.

Default location for rear seat audio jacks

I addressed both with design changes, resulting in two new brackets. The first bracket just re-orients the front seat connections so that they’re facing forward inside the armrest compartment. For the rear seat I created a bracket to attach to the aft end of the center console, putting the headset jacks approximately near the knees of passengers, mimicking what most modern vehicles do for rear seat passenger accoutrements.

The general inspiration for one of my modifications

Both design changes are pictured below. I also produced a YouTube video to show all the steps that went into making these brackets, have a watch!

Bracket for front seat audio jacks – complete with laser-etched labels
The new panel as it will be installed inside the center console
The new rear seat audio jacks
Inside of the 3D-printed part, showing the headset jack arrangement

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