Pitch Servo Right-Angle Backshell

I assembled the pitch servo using a 90 degree backshell as mentioned in my last post. I have a few pictures to show what it looks like.

First I put the wires through a boot (included with the connector) that acts as a seal / strain relief
I also put a little fusion tape around the wire bundle to keep it from sliding out the boot
Shield drains attached. I used a 16mm M3 screw, washer, and nyloc nut instead of the hardware included with the backshell
Nyloc M3 nuts in place of plain nuts
Connector attached to the servo, much easier access and no rubbing concerns

To secure the harness over to the servo, I used a cushion clamp attached to a rivnut that I put into the channel on the aux spar. From there up the center tunnel, I used some nylon stick-on clamps. Normally, I don’t like using adhesive mounting tape, but I got these clamps from McMaster and they are rated for a temperature range of -40° to +85°C. I’ll see how well they stay attached over the coming months.

Clamps to secure the harness

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