Bundling Wires with Lacing Cord

It’s a minor detail that you don’t usually see, but I like the finished look of neatly-bundled wire harnesses. While zip ties are convenient, they can damage the wire over time – under vibration, the edge of the zip tie chafes the Tefzel jacket, and eventually can cause intermittent connections, or worse, short circuits. Rather than wire ties, I decided to try out using lacing cord. It’s an old technique, but it’s super simple, light-weight, and if done properly, looks really sharp.

I decided to step up my video presence a little so I created a short video showing how to use lacing cord to build a bundle. I built up my main wiring harness this way, and it looks nice. YouTube video is embedded below:

Having finished lacing the main wiring harness, I began installing it into the fuselage. So far, so good.

Laced wire bundle running up the center tunnel
“Junction” in front of the wing spar, where the wiring bundle splits off to the left and right wings, and back to the rear fuselage

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