More Wire Routing

On Sunday I continued running wires for the fuselage electronics, in particular the autopilot servos and the magnetometer. I also gave some thought about how to secure the wires and created some small brackets so that I could use cushioned clamps inside the center tunnel. The brackets are made from 6061 sheet, 0.032” thick.

I also researched connectors for the headsets, and I’ve decided to use panel-powered Lemo connectors since I have a Bose A20 headset, and will probably buy another one when I finish the plane. It took a little digging to find out what is the correct part number, but I believe it is PKG.M0.6SL.LN. I can buy these through for about $21 a piece.

Temporarily pinning a bracket in place to match-drill to one of the center tunnel upright channels
Another bracket attached slightly differently to the rear-most upright
Success! Though I may need larger clamps as I add more wires through this path

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