Wiring for Headsets

I began laying out the wires in the center console for the headsets. I’m using lacing cord, spaced every 12 inches, to tie together the wires into a bundle. I’ll do this for other groups of wires too. This is the first time I’ve used lacing cord, and it works better than I expected. The cord is soaked in some kind of glue that makes it sticky, so it’s very easy to tie a knot.

After tying together bundles, I plan to secure the bundles with cushioned clamps. I’m not too sure yet where and how to mount the clamps, so the bundles are temporarily kept in place with zip ties for now. I have a sample pic below showing how I’d like to mount the clamp… I’m thinking I’ll drill a hole for a rivnut right were you see the tape in the photo.

This photo gives you an idea of how and where I’d like to mount an Adel clamp for the wire bundle

My plan is to have all the headset connections in the center console – two inside the armrest for the pilot and copilot positions, and then I’ll put the two passenger connections on the aft face of the console.

I’m not sure if it’s better to route these audio wires through or over the main spar carry-through; there are nearby moving parts in either case (flap motor if routed above, rudder cables/flap torque tube if mounted through). I suspect going on top will make it easier for later installing the console, since the wires will have more slack.

Wire bundle for headset audio, running through the main spar carry-thru for now
Option A (routing through the main spar)…
… or Option B? This one is probably safer.

I’m also going to put a USB power outlet on the center console for passengers in the rear seat, just like what Jim Pavlik did in his plane; see linked picture below. Stratus makes a nice TSO’d outlet, and they have a BOGO offer now through the end of the year through Aircraft Spruce.. anyone want to go halvsies with me? I really only need one!

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