Tosten Grips Arrived

With all the updates I posted yesterday, I forgot to mention that I also bought a pair of Tosten “Military Style” grips. They arrived in the mail yesterday, and they look and feel amazing! Very high quality finish, and the switches have a satisfying feel to them.

I ordered two units, mirrored for left and right side with the thumb and palm rests. The pilot-side grip has a two additional buttons: a flaps up/down toggle, and a thumb rest button that I will probably use for control wheel steering (CWS), a temporary autopilot override. They both have a hat switch for trim, autopilot on/off toggle, and of course, mic key. One more bonus button on the front below the mic key will be assigned the IDENT function.

Pilot side grip on the left with the extra buttons
I’ll probably have to trim the joystick tube a little, but looks good overall

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