Updated the Paint Booth

Now that fall has arrived, I have fewer opportunities to prime parts outside, especially during the week, so I occasionally need to prime a part inside my garage. I decided to update my paint booth a bit, adding a suction fan and a filter to control the dust and fumes.

20 inch box fan, 20×20 furnace filter, and 2 mil plastic drop cloth transform this wire garment rack into a paint booth
The air filter is held in place with brackets made from extra aluminum sheet I had on hand, and riveted into the frame of the box fan

Following up on my last post about the side skin and how it’s supposed to overlap with the bottom skin – I found a picture on Peter Calley’s blog, which shows the side skin going over the bottom skin. I’ll have to work to make it fit like this – the way my skin was bent, the holes don’t line up so well.

Peter Calley’s Sling 4

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