Firewall Brackets

I’m trying to be mindful of which holes to rivet and which holes to leave open as I go through assembly of the fuselage. I’ve gotten to a point where the manual is getting more and more confusing to follow, while various builder blogs I refer to recommend a different order than the build manual. The manual doesn’t seem to care about wiring, so I have to be careful about what I close up so that I don’t prevent myself from running wires for lighting, comms antennas, autopilot, and intercom. Also, I’ll soon be at a point where not having the rear fuselage assembled will become a liability. I’m still waiting on a replacement rib to replace a part that came cracked from the factory – ordered 8/28, but not expected to ship from South Africa until 10/28!

After reviewing a few pictures, it looked like it was safe to pin together the brackets that attach the firewall to the fuselage stringers, as shown on page E13. However, that same page also shows the side skins fully riveted in, which every blog I’ve consulted says to hold off on attaching until I get the pushrods and autopilot servos installed. The pushrods will be arriving with the finishing kit this Friday, but I haven’t ordered the servos yet, so I guess that’s the next thing to buy, along with antennas for the transponder and VHF comms.

View of CF-CHL-005-L/R bolted onto the stringer
The parachute tangs CF-TNG-003-X-A- are held on temporarily with some common hardware I had on hand; I haven’t seen where the real bolts are yet – maybe when I get to attaching the engine mount?
I’m not sure which skin is supposed to be on the outside at this edge; the bottom skin (as shown), or the side skin? It seemed to fit better the way I did it. I’m still trying to find a good picture that shows the correct way, which I think may be side skin on the outside

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