Firewall and First Side Skin

I prepped a bunch of side channels so that I could start attaching the side skins and firewall. I wanted to at least test fit the side skins (per suggestion from Simon K., who has already finished building his Sling 4) – but then take them off as Ive been advised to put them on later… and if anything, do the interior skins first.

Preparing to attach the skin
It’s on! Very exciting to finally see something that looks like a passenger compartment
Before proceeding to the firewall, I attach the rudder cable eyelets to the pedals while they’re easy to access

Firewall attached, and now attaching this extender strip that the cowling fasteners attach to
I made a quick form out of MDF so that I could pound the flat flanges into curved ones
Last chore of the night- I had to move everything to make room for a contractor that’s coming tomorrow to install new insulated garage doors! Luckily my work benches move easily with the casters I put on them

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