Torque Tubes Part II

With the joysticks done, I turned my attention back to the flap and elevator torque tubes in the center fuselage. I quickly discovered that none of these will go together easily; each bracket that holds a bushing has needed *some* kind of modification so far. For these torque tubes, the bushings sit in channels in the floor ribs, and then a close-out rib goes above them to lock them in place.

I put this closeout rib in position above the forward elevator torque tube, and it nearly seized the tube in place. Removing the bushing, it’s pretty clear to see why an adjustment is needed. I’m using a dremel with various sanding discs to enlarge the openings for the bushings
I needed to make a little notch to the two inner close-out ribs to leave clearance for adjacent rivets for the elevator control stop – see next picture
Here’s why that notch is needed
The two left closeout ribs are in before bedtime; I’ll finish the right side ribs next time
I had to order a manual rivnut puller to install the rear-most center console channels; then after that I attached the flap motor brackets that rest on top

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