More Torque Tube Work

Another two hours on torque tubes, this time trying to get the rear torque tube to move smoothly. Because this tube rests on three bushings (and not just the ends), they need to be lined up perfectly, which is not easy. To achieve that, I’ve had to grind down the slots the bearings rest in to ensure they are all coaxial, and adjust the twist of the floor ribs to ensure they are all parallel to each other. When either of these alignments is off, one of the bearings rubs against the tube and it becomes more difficult to turn. I thought I had it moving smoothly, but then when I riveted in the locking clips, it became difficult to turn again, so I had to drill the rivets out and make more adjustments, both to the ribs and to the clips. I still haven’t gotten it just right, so more work to do in my next session.

Rear elevator torque tube. I wish it didn’t have that middle bushing!
View of the slots without the rear elevator torque tube (after trying to make several adjustments, which scraped up the primer)
With the elevator torque tube

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