Rudder Pedal Base

I spent about 1.5 hrs doing a few small tasks. First, someone on the Sling Builders Facebook group happen to notice that I installed an aileron control stop incorrectly; incredibly, I did this even after studying other blogs, and being aware that the build manual shows them in the wrong orientation. At least some consolation was that I installed one of them correctly, so I only had to drill out the rivets for the other one, and it was pretty easy to access.

Hard to believe that I installed the aileron control stop bracket two different ways, but I did. The one on the right is correct, the one on the left needs to be flipped

After fixing that mistake, I attached the rudder pedal base channel and some beefy brackets that the firewall and engine mount eventually attach to. Note, these brackets are identified differently depending on which manual you’re looking at. In Sling 4 manual v0.15, they are listed on page E8 as CF-BKT-018-L/R-C-. The TSi manual (version “WIP”) also identifies them this way in the parts list on pg E8, but then there is a little note on the drawing indicating that the welded assembly is identified as CF-BKT-S29-L/R-C (first time I’ve seen a letter in the 6th position). Meanwhile, the parts themselves are labeled CF-BKT-029-L/R-C-.

Rudder pedal base CF-CHL-024-C-C-, firewall mounting brackets CF-BKT-029-L/R-C-, and firewall mounting channel CF-CHL-023-C-C- in place and riveted
I elected to install the circled rivets from underneath, in case I ever need to remove them. Had I installed from above, the overhanging flange of the firewall mounting channel (CF-CHL-023-C-C-) would make it nearly impossible to drill out the rivet — there wouldn’t be enough space to fit in a drill bit.
Another view of the firewall mounting bracket

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