Control Stick Mounts

What should have been 5 minutes of work turned into 2 hours! While attaching the control stick brackets (CF-BKT-009-X-C-) per sheet E6 of the manual, a mandrel broke off a rivet in a hard-to-reach location. It took me over an hour to remove it. First I tried drilling it out from the rear, and found that was nearly impossible. I switched to using a Dremel with a small grinding wheel to grind away the rivet face, until enough of the rivet was gone so that I could push it through as if I had drilled it out; that wound up working. All that grinding damaged the foam, so I had to replace the pieces and replace them.

This is the bracket for the control stick – one on each side, seemed simple enough
Though hard to reach (especially in the corners), these rivets went in OK…
… but then this rivet mandrel decided to snap off! I might have been tempted to just cut off the mandrel, but the rivet didn’t form fully on the opposite side, so it needed to come out. Normally it’s really easy to drill out a rivet… except here, there’s no way to get a drill into this space!
Finally after grinding out the old rivet, I put in a new rivet and then replaced the foam

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