Landing Light Wiring

I continued some of the electrical work for the starboard wing, securing wiring and adding electrical connectors for the lights.

The two lights share a return wire, so I split out the return using a sealing solder sleeve and then cover the whole thing with heat shrink tubing
Deutsch DT connectors completed and labeled
Added a standoff to rib 9 and to the main spar
Sometimes this guy watches me work on the plane… But he doesn’t like all the noise!

I also decided it was time to get rid of the shipping crate for the fuselage kit. The first crates I received last year were assembled using screws, which made for quick disassembly. It seems the factory has switched to using staples, which are much harder to remove. I did try to pull out a few, but at the rate I was going it was going to take a week! So, I resorted to just chopping it up. I was able to salvage a few plywood panels, but the rest will be going to the wood pile at the town dump.

Goodbye, shipping crate!

The last thing I’ll note is that I’ve been looking more into avionics, since I need to start laying some of the wiring as I build the fuselage. I want to go with a nice Garmin G3X panel, but I’m still recovering from the sticker shock! Something I’m considering leaving out is VOR/ILS capability. LPV approaches seem to be all the rage now, and Garmin recently rolled out some well-priced navigators (GNC 355, GNX 375). These might fit the bill for me, and save me from having to buy a more fully-featured unit like the GTN 650 or a dedicated Nav/Comm like the GNC 255.

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