Second Wing Build Progress

This past weekend I completed several tasks on the starboard wing. The most time-consuming task was aligning the bottom skins onto the spars – the holes didn’t line up very well, and I had trouble getting the inner skin to lay flat on my first 2 attempts. Here’s what I accomplished over 15 hours:

  1. Completed riveting the ribs to the spars
  2. Align the bottom wing skins. I had to pick an alignment such that most of them fit; this took a few tries. That meant the next task was…
  3. File and/or ream holes to get rivets to fit into the holes, deburring and cleaning up metal shavings as I go
  4. Rivet the bottom skins in place
  5. Paint the landing light bracket pieces white
  6. Prime the leading edge skin – and also paint the small section that surrounds the landing lights
  7. Attach leading edge skin
  8. Flip wing over
  9. Run cable assembly for the wingtip lights
  10. Make wiring harness for the landing lights: twist the three conductors together and then put into a braided wire jacket

As I was trying to find the best fit for the skin, I had to trim the skin a little here because it was pushing up against the bracket for the flap, causing the skin to wrinkle
Setting up many, many clecos and rivets after the third alignment attempt
This is the kind of misalignment I had to work with on the main spar cap. I can’t get a rivet into this hole without elongating it.
All nailed down
Priming the leading edge skin
Fitting the leading edge skin
After flipping the wing over, I started working on the electrical
Using a drill to twist the landing light wires together
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