April 3, 2020

Right Wing Ribs Riveted

After confirming that the wing skins look ok when clecoed down, I spent a few hours securing the ribs in place. I was able to do a few things better than on the other wing – for example, I figured out that it was much easier to install the step ribs one at a time, rather than cleco them all in and then have to work in tight quarters.

We had some nice weather, so I also finished priming the wing skins, since I’ll probably be ready to install this week.

The hard way
The easy way
Yup, much easier this way!
Using up my last can of green primer (I’ve switched to gray for the fuselage)
Ready to attach bottom skins

2 thoughts on “Right Wing Ribs Riveted

  1. Excellent progress my friends. My only suggestion is to not refer to “Right Wing Ribs.” I would suggest that you refer to them as “Wing ribs that are on the right.” Too much news today that related to other stuff that’s Right Wing or Left Wing related. LOL.

    1. Good point I didn’t even think of that. My airplane will be apolitical! I’ll start referring to it as the starboard wing 😉

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