Right Wing Frame

The right wing is coming along nicely. I prepared most of the parts (cleaning, deburring, priming) for both wings at the same time last year, so this one is coming together faster. It’s amazing though, nearly a year has passed since I was working on the same steps on the opposite wing, can’t believe how the time flies!

Right wing and left wing
Preparing the rear spar assembly
Front and rear spars come together on the wing twist jigs. In this photo I’m starting to populate the ribs
The manual says to bend this portion of the flange as needed so that the bottom flange of the rib sits flush with the bottom edge of the spars. The circled portion overlaps the bottom edge of the rear spar’s channel.
Preparing to tap the flange with a hammer
Just a small jog is all I need
Another important task at this point is making sure the flanges are flush with the spar. You can see the flange is too high so I remove it from the spar so that I can tap it down with a hammer
After tapping – much better alignment!
Looking good so far. A few more corrections to rib flanges are still needed before I’m ready to attach the bottom skins.

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