Left Wing Done For Now

I spent 6.8 hours on Sunday installing the wing step skin, and then filling the remaining rivet holes with spackle and sanding them smooth. With these two items done, my left wing is complete for now, minus a few additional tasks (such as mounting the wing tip and wing tip lights). So, my wing is now resting in its new home in the newly-completed wing rack.

I spent the remainder of my time on Sunday completing inventory of the fuselage kit. There are a lot of pieces! I got through most of the packed sub-kits, and the major pieces left to inspect / count are the skins, side channels and longerons.

Wing step skin finally riveted on
For now, I just used the existing holes to secure the flange on the top step skin. It doesn’t seem to need more rivets, despite the holes being somewhat slotted (see my earlier blog posts). I did upsize one rivet near the edge to 4.0mm.
Picture with the flap and aileron installed, and end jig removed

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