Aileron Alignment

As I’ve posted previously, I’m trying to be proactive about ensuring the aileron trailing edge lines up with the rest of the wing. I decided to re-use the same trick I used for the elevator & horizontal stab: assemble the part in-place, using clamps to set the assembly straight. So, I loosely assembled the aileron with a handful of clecos and blue tape, put in a few rivets (some set, others loose), and then attached the aileron to the wing.

Using clamps to hold the aileron in place while I pop the rivets

After popping a few of the rivets on top and bottom going into the rib flanges, I can say that this process helps, but it appears the final twist is really controlled by how you set the rivets on leading edge of the skin (where the top and bottom skin edges meet). Unfortunately, these rivets are not accessible while the aileron is mounted to the wing! So, I will ponder how to hold the alignment while taking the aileron off the wing to set the remaining rivets.

Alignment still looks good after setting most of the rivets that I can get to

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