Left Wing End Rib

All 3 sizes of rivets to secure the end rib. I also had to use my hand puller for some of the rivets, due to tight clearances.
Checking alignment of the trailing edge – flap looks good. Aileron coming next!

1 hour last night riveting the end rib to the left wing. It’s amazing how much stiffer the wingtip feels after riveting this rib in place.

Pascal L. recommended a trick to check alignment of the trailing edge using a string. I haven’t done the aileron yet, but it looks like I got lucky with the flap!

Yesterday I was also looking at lighting again. Aveo has some updated products on their website, a PowerBurst Daylite NG 3-in-1 light for wingtips, and a MiniMax Ariel for position / recognition. I’m thinking of getting a white Ariel for top of the rudder, and a red Ariel for fuselage belly. The Ariel is works both in steady and flashing mode, which is perfect. I have to find out where I can buy them, since neither are listed at Aicraft Spruce (yet). I will put an inquiry into Aveo and see what they say.

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