Left Flap Finished, Starting Aileron

I finished assembly of the left side flap. All the parts for the right side are prepared, but I’ll wait to assemble it until I see if I run into any fit issues with the left side.

Putting in the last few rivets
All done. I used some old 4″ vinyl post jackets to elevate the flap off the table due to the brackets on the bottom side
Adding the flap to my collection of finished airplane parts

I started preparing the aileron structural parts next. They go through the same process as the flap structural parts – deburring, cleaning, and priming. I also took some time to smooth out the shape of the tabs on the ribs, so that they more closely match the curve of the skin. In some cases, I have to file a small notch before I can bend the tab. A before-and-after picture is shown below for aileron rib # 4. I use an adjustable crescent wrench to make these bends.

You can see how the right-most tab will bump up against the skin, and may cause it to have a bulge
Same rib after I notch the corner a little with a round file, which allows me to bend the edge of the tab, giving it a slight curve. I guess I should sand out those scratches I caused – but they’re pretty superficial.

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