Misc Fiddling with Fuel Tank

I’m back at it with the fuel tank. I was fiddling with the fuel sender cover and decided to add a ground terminal by drilling out one of the closed rivets, and then putting it back in but also adding a little metal tab. My concern is that with all the various gaskets and seals I’m using, there isn’t a good ground path for the fuel level sender, so I could get erroneous readings. It’s temporarily held on with some tape for now until I mix up another batch of sealant.

I also riveted this end rib into place. As you can see in the picture, I had my fluke meter out testing the resistance on the fuel sender as I moved the float arm up and down – seems to be working fine, I measure between 3-185 ohms.

I started pulling off the blue tape I had put over the fuel line fittings so they wouldn’t get gobbed up with sealant. I’m surprised the fuel drain is so close to the fuel pickup – the rivets are just a hair width away from touching the filter mesh!

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