Swapping an Elevator Skin

After trying to adjust the skins to eliminate the “banana” curve at the end of the right skin, I discovered other builders had also run into this, and it was because the skin was bent incorrectly. Worse, you can’t really fix this either.

The end of the skin (left) should form a straight point, but instead it’s curving up

As it turns out, I had another right skin that came with my original kit that I rejected for missing a line of rivet holes for a stiffening channel (it looks like my kit had a Sling 2 skin instead of a Sling 4 skin, since the Sling 2 doesn’t have this stiffening channel). I decided to test fit this skin to see how the end lined up. As luck would have it, this one lines up much better than the replacement skin.

So, I decided to measure where the missing holes needed to be, and simply drilled the original right skin.

The red line is where 8 holes should be for the stiffening channel at the top of the photo

With that problem out of the way, I was able to finish clecoing and riveting up the skin. I finished one side and will complete the other side next.

At the moment, I have the elevator temporarily attached to the horizontal stabilizer with some 1/4″ bolts, and I’m using clamps on the ends to keep the elevator horns lined up perfectly while I rivet the skin.

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