Elevator skin alignment

One of my fellow builders (Thanks Pascal!) recommended temporarily attaching the elevator to the HS to make sure the “horns” (end part of the elevator) line up perfectly with the HS skins before nailing the elevator skins down. The correct hardware to attach these two parts is AN4 bolts, which I don’t have yet, but I used some common 1/4″ bolts I had on hand. I then used some clamps to line up the horns to the horizontal stab.

I found that I need to adjust the skin to make things fit right. One of the folded ends of the skin doesn’t look quite straight, it looks like the bottom-left diagram in the picture below. The manual says to remove the clecos, adjust skin and try again. I’m not quite sure how this will help though – the holes are drilled pretty tight, and don’t leave much room for adjustment. I’m thinking that I will use a reamer to open the holes up to #31 size and then try again.

Here’s an in-process photo. This thing starts to look much bigger when you put the parts together!

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