Misc Fuel tank tasks

I spent Sunday and Monday prepping a few miscellaneous parts: fuel tank cap, fuel drain, and brackets that attach the tank the the main wing spar. My kit was missing one of the brackets, but Jean D sent me replacements a few weeks ago. Here’s the replacement part with my name on it, how’s that for personalized service?!

The various brackets need to have anchor plates attached, held in with tiny 2.4mm (3/32″) flush rivets. Strangely my kit did not include enough of these rivets – I have 24 anchor plates, and each needs 2 rivets = 48 rivets, but the kit only included 34. This size in countersunk-style is a little hard to find, I had to go to a speciality rivet supplier (Jay-Cee) to find some to buy.

After mixing up some more of the smelly sealant, I attached the fuel cap and drain. One of the rivet mandrels broke on the drain, doh! Normally I’d just drill it out and replace, bit I’m afraid to drill this one out because of course it’s the one closest to the fuel pick-up screen and I don’t want to damage that! Luckily it looks like the rivet body formed ok so I’ll just file down what’s left of the mandrel.

The fuel cap is pretty nice, it sits flush with the skin and opens with a key. I was a little surprised though that it’s only held in place with the sealant.

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