Left Fuel tank started

I created a jig for assembling the fuel tank using the templates included with the plans. After transferring the profiles to a sheet of 1/2″ MDF, I cut the shape by hand with a rotozip-style tool, then filed and sanded as needed to smooth it out.

Next I followed the plan instructions which say to cleco the left side ribs, stringer and skin together before attempting to seal them. Parts mostly went together ok – there are one or two holes I’ll have to modify.

Since it was a nice day, I hopped on my bike and took a ride over to the little airport in town – Brookline NH (NH16).


It’s one possible option for a place to keep my plane when it’s complete. NH16 is a cute little private airfield, with some homes and hangars directly off the runway. The runway is pretty short though, just under 2000′ long, with tall pines at one end… I’ll have to take a look at performance numbers for the Sling 4, especially the 50′ obstacle clearance run!

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