Bracket for Garmin Regulator

Since I’m installing the pitot tube, I also had to find a home for the regulator. I decided to mount it to the back side of the main spar, near an inspection cover.. just in case it needs to be replaced.

I designed the bracket in Fusion 360 (which has extremely useful sheet metal tools) then cut the shape out of a 0.032″ sheet of 6061-T6 that I had on hand. I used a Harbor Freight mini bending brake to turn the flanges.

After designing the bracket in Fusion, it has a utility to unfold the design so that I can make the part
Bending the flanges on a Harbor Freight bending brake

My bracket is just riveted onto little reinforcements already on the back of the main spar
M3 rivnuts for securing the regulator

Regulator attached, perfect fit! I’ll do the wiring later

I also finished riveting the ribs, using the extension nose to my rivet gun for easier access — this made it much easier to set the larger 4.8mm rivets used for the step ribs.

Next I can flip the wing back over and nail down the bottom skin… and then I guess it’s time to start the fuel tank.

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