Left Wing Wiring Installed

Time spent: 6.3 hours

Busy day doing various tasks on the left wing. First, I ran the pitot & AoA lines and built the little standoffs per the manual.

Since it was nice outside, I built a little fixture so that I could prime the inside of the wing skins. I used mostly reclaimed wood from the shipping containers that my kit arrived in.

Skin priming fixture
Wing skin #2

Next up was wiring. The kit includes quite a few wires already: 6-conductor cable for wing-tip lights, plus 3x individual 16AWG wires for the landing and taxi lights. To this I’m adding 2x 14AWG wires for pitot heat and a 22AWG discrete line for the pitot heat regulator.

Twisting the power and return lines together on high-draw devices like the pitot heat helps reduce magnetic fields that can interfere with sensors, particularly the magnetometer
Using a drill to twist the wires together

I put these wires all into expando sheathing to protect the wires and keep things neat and organized. Only problem however was that this cable harness was now larger (in diameter) than I could fit in the pre-drilled holes in ribs 12-16, so I had to enlarge the holes and put in bigger grommets. Because these ribs are so closely spaced together, I had to take them out partially, but it wasn’t too bad since they were only held in with a few clecos.

Expando sheathing, some electrical tape at the end to keep the sheathing from unraveling, and then a heat shrink boot goes over it
Looks good with the heat shrink tube covering the transition
Temporarily taking out ribs 13-16 so that I could upside the wiring holes and grommets
Success! Wire harness fits nicely through the ribs
View of the harness routing after flipping the wing over

For my last task of the day, I started attaching the bottom wing skins with clecos for a test fit. Assuming everything fits ok with all skins on, then I get to take all of the skins off again and rivet the ribs to the spars… That’s a lot of clecos to install and remove!

Wing skin #1… So far it’s ok, but it looks like some holes are not lining up right. May have to using chucking reamer to open up a few.

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