New Sling TSi @ Oshkosh 2018

I had an exciting week at Airventure 2018!  I decided to return after a 10-year hiatus – figured I was overdue, especially since I started building my own plane this year!  It was a fantastic event, with lots of beautiful home builds and exciting air shows – I’ll have a few more photos and videos to share in another post.

The Airplane Factory has a new model on the street (in the air?), they’re calling it the Sling TSi, which features the new Rotax 915 engine.  It’s very similar to the Sling 4, but subtlety changed to take advantage of the new engine – new wings, flush rivets, new firewall-forward, updated empennage and fuselage.  With these changes and the 141 HP engine, it should hit 145 knots @ 8 GPH, pretty awesome!

This example is the first on US soil, built with factory assistance in Johannesburg in an astounding 16 days by its owners from Torrance, CA. It hasn’t even flown yet – Phase 1 flight tests begin this week!  Best of luck to the father-and-son team that put it together, Wayne and Matthew.


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