VOR/Loc/GS Antenna Choice

I decided on the RAMI AV-12 antenna to mount inside the VS. This antenna is optional, however I plan to fly IFR and want to be able to fly ILS approaches, which, for the moment, are still pretty common. It was hard to decide which antenna to get, but this style seemed to most closely match the TAF build plans, and the manufacturer claimed pretty low drag force: <1 lb.

I bought the version that includes 25′ of cable with an integral balun (AV-12L), figured it would save me from having to buy coax cable.

I had to take the last few days off from the airplane to do other chores – I installed a ceiling underneath my 2nd floor deck to have a dry place to park my car while I work on the plane. I also needed to do spring tune-up on the lawn tractor, which takes a few hours since ours does double-duty as a snow blower during the winter. We’ve had a lot of rain lately so the grass is in desperate need of cutting!

I plan to resume tomorrow with finishing priming of horizontal stabilizer parts and then assembly.

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