First set of parts primed and ready

I spent another two hours last night prepping the last of the horizontal stabilizer parts (minus skins) and then priming them.

Primer appears to have adhered well to the aluminum. Gonna need to refine my spraying technique though – I went through a whole 15.5 oz can spraying 3 coats on these parts, but a good amount of paint settled on to my floor and not the parts – I think I was spraying too far away. The instructions on the spray can say to hold the can 6-8″ away from the parts, so I’ll move in closer next time.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered more of the primer. I found a place online selling them for $13.95 a can, much cheaper than the $21 I paid on Amazon – and shipping is free over $99 so I bought 8 cans.

Here’s a link to that supplier:

SEM 39693 Green Self-etching primer

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